Pure beauty is rare,
                                                                                it's a joy to see.
                                                                                Real kindness
                                                                                is a gift givers give.
                                                                                One who has both
                                                                                has our envy & pride --
                                                                                we boast of her friendship
                                                                                & cherish her love.
                                                                                The joy in her world
                                                                                is reflected in her face,
                                                                                a face unchanged with time --
                                                                                long ago she made her peace.
                                                                                She has her sisterhood
                                                                                (beyond her home life),
                                                                                a team till death do us part --
                                                                                grounded, conected & well.
                                                                                Such beauty is rare,
                                                                                is an inside job,
                                                                                takes effort & care,
                                                                                has a life of its own --
                                                                                nurtures self & others
                                                                                & is never alone.
                                                                                This poem is the poet's way,
                                                                                the way to your heart,
                                                                                so lift up your voice
                                                                                in gratitude & celebration:
                                                                                Happy Birthday Carrie!