The Circus
                                                                       The clowns go down in memory
                                                                       and live longer than the animals.

                                                                       The high wire walkers float away.
                                                                       The acrobats have a short shelf life.
                                                                       The horses gallop off.
                                                                       The elephants die from work,
                                                                       then he Great Ringmaster
                                                                       says it's over, sends us Home.

The Clowns

                                                                       Jack was my competition
                                                                       in being crowned as class clown,
                                                                       but he kept us laughing
                                                                       longer than I did.

                                                                       Desperate to be liked,
                                                                       we went after it in our own way,
                                                                       and both of us
                                                                       were heard above the crowd.

                                                                       I wonder if his humor
                                                                       grew out of hurt like mine did...
                                                                       I wonder if his laughter
                                                                       kept the lid on tears?

                                                                       I wonder if Jack knows
                                                                       that joy is the best gift he gave me?

                                                                       I often wonder about the circus and the clowns.