the gal without an enemy --
                                                                             at least in my memory,

                                                                             the gal who knew the guys --
                                                                             her brothers made her wise,

                                                                             a teenager who knew herself --
                                                                             challenged with issues of health,

                                                                             soon a wife & a mother --
                                                                             giving self to others,

                                                                             politics, work & family things --
                                                                             taught her what living brings,

                                                                             all the while her friends stood by --
                                                                             nobody closer than Tyner High,

                                                                             miles threatened to hide us --
                                                                             others sadly turned to dust,

                                                                             but now the years tell the truth --
                                                                             childhood buddies are the proof,

                                                                             proof that love is where it's at --
                                                                             purpose, meaning & all of that,

                                                                             so, Joyce with an E, we are family --
                                                                             sending you love & positive energy!

                                                                             Happy Birthday! -- see you in 2012--
                                                                             our 55th -- I wish you the best of health.