I ran through high school,
                                                                       but track was not my thing.
                                                                       I also didn't take the time
                                                                       to get to know Karen Kring.

                                                                       She made no demands on anyone,
                                                                       but she was there, always there --
                                                                       a mystery in her quiet life
                                                                       & certainly not unaware.

                                                                       She made an impression on us
                                                                       without taking center stage,
                                                                       & now after fifty plus years
                                                                       her story fills another page.

                                                                       I didn't hug Karen Kring,
                                                                       we had no focused conversations,
                                                                       no parties, dates or other flings --
                                                                       she was just there & still is.

                                                                       She's there in her quiet corner
                                                                       reaching out in tender ways,
                                                                       saying I know you're all busy.
                                                                       but please stop by some day --

                                                                       I'm not out much, strokes & all,
                                                                       watch t.v., don't do much,
                                                                       days are quiet, the world goes by
                                                                       people got jobs, families & such.

                                                                       I see a lot of them running,
                                                                       but to where, I have no idea.
                                                                       Changes in the world are stunning,
                                                                       but I'm just grateful for what I got.

                                                                       I ran through high school,
                                                                       kept running right on through,
                                                                       didn't take time with Karen Kring,
                                                                       but she understood, she knew.