Listening is her best gift
                                                                            Others have always said --
                                                                            I, her neighbor, her friend,
                                                                            Say Yes! -- this is how she led.

                                                                            Led by example
                                                                            Of a contented life.
                                                                            Involved in the moment --
                                                                            Steady amid strife.

                                                                            Love and loss
                                                                            Over time
                                                                            Increased beyond words,
                                                                            Silenced her in mystery.

                                                                            Lingering there
                                                                            Only for a time
                                                                            Ignited growth --
                                                                            Spiritually & wholly.

                                                                            Listening is the best gift
                                                                            Of a contented life,
                                                                            Increases one beyond words --
                                                                            Soulfully, holy & fulfilled.