we had little time
                                                                       to grow a love,
                                                                       a love that has lasted a lifetime

                                                                       we have so little time
                                                                       to celebrate our journey,
                                                                       a journey filled with gratitude

                                                                       we ask for more time,
                                                                       time for you, Lou, to write more, revealing your depth,
                                                                       a depth that blesses all

                                                                       we'll take the time we have
                                                                       to wish you well.
                                                                       and thank you for coming our way

                                                                       our way, the only way we know,
                                                                       and this also we know:
                                                                       we would be incomplete without you --

                                                                       happy birthday, Lou Blaisdell Davis!