Raymond VanBlaricom, Sr

                                                                       Raymond, I apologize...
                                                                       you showed up at our 50th --
                                                                       I had to ask you your name.
                                                                       I'm Raymond VanBlaricom,
                                                                       and this is my wife, Dora.

                                                                       At the time,
                                                                       neither you nor Dora
                                                                       nor any of us knew
                                                                       that soon you would lose a son,
                                                                       a granddaughter, changing your world.

                                                                       Phone calls from classmates,
                                                                       cards, letters and prayers
                                                                       encouraged you with support
                                                                       in your valley journey --
                                                                       you and your wife, Dora.

                                                                       PS: And now late word arrives:
                                                                       Sadly, another grandchild is gone,
                                                                       but I'm still Raymond, my wife's still Dora,
                                                                       and we're doing the best we can.
                                                                       Thank you all for your cards, your love.