farm girls born of earth.
                                                                       born wgen wind and fire mix,
                                                                       a whirligig of motion creating a charm
                                                                       for the chores of animal and land

                                                                       one of these girls knew
                                                                       that homemaking would be her life,
                                                                       knew that home makes the farm's center
                                                                       with table, desk, and bed in place

                                                                       she chose her man,
                                                                       he chose her,
                                                                       off they went to plow for harvest,
                                                                       then a family farm grew 'round them

                                                                       sun up, sun down, children up and out,
                                                                       this farmhouse was never in doubt
                                                                       from threats of earth, air, wind, and fire
                                                                       which rooted deep this rugged clan

                                                                       other farms sold out,
                                                                       farmers went nine to five,
                                                                       children ignored the soil,
                                                                       grew wild like weeds at war

                                                                       not Shirley and her man,
                                                                       their children, animals, grain, tools,
                                                                       implements, friends all mattered,
                                                                       made wholeness and holiness one

                                                                       this couple has something we need,
                                                                       the joy of playing with dirt
                                                                       before dirt becomes our home,
                                                                       a home where land and animals mix