In September 1932, we, who are now the Senior class of 1937, entered the assembly as freshmen, curious and eager to start on the "Highway of High School Education." We entered in our new adventure with thirty members enrolled.

After a week or two of getting acquainted with the teachers and getting accustomed to our new routine, we held a class meeting and elected Mavis Reid as president, Leon McKesson as vice-president, Blanche Elliott as secretary and treasurer and Miss Violet Overmyer as class sponsor.

During this year, we enjoyed our first class party in the Gymnasium. We also attended the Latin Banquet, for which occasion we were dressed in Roman togas, and got quite a laugh watching several of the Latin II class eat while reclining.

We welcomed Donavin Gurthet, and Vearl Roose into our class. We entered into sports and produced several outstanding athletes.

In April, as we left the schoolhouse on the last day of school, we realized that our freshmen days were over and we looked forward to the time when we should meet again the next fall.

During our first vacation three of our classmates left us. They were: Zoltan Ederyle, Marian Schroeder, and Vearl Roose.

After a long vacation, we again stood at the door of good old Tyner High, with an ambitious and enthusiastic class of twenty-nine members. Bernice Hoover and Margaret Campbell joined us this year.

We, as Sophomores, having had experience in our great enterprise of education, faced the coming year with joy. We elected Donavin Gurthet as president, Chester Klingerman as vice-president, Winnifred York as secretary and treasure and Miss Wolff as class adviser.

During this year we enjoyed two class parties and we were again triumphant in basketball. Edith Clark enrolled in our class in February.

In April, we left Tyner having complete just half of our High School course. During this vacation, Bernice Hoover and Howard Jacobson left our school.

In September 1935, we returned to Tyner ambitious and energetic. We entered the assembly as a Junior class of twenty-nine members. Shortly afterward, Dale Freeman joined us.

Chester Klingerman was elected president , Ray Stoneburner vice-president, Winnifred York secretary and Edith Clark treasurer. We chose Miss Heim as our class sponsor.

With pleasant anticipation, we looked forward to our Junior year. We all enjoyed a Hallowe'en masquerade party at the home of Blanche Elliott and Leon McKerson. We were sorry to lose Margaret Campbell. Our Junior play, "Comin' Thru' the Rye"was a great financial success.

In September 1936 we, the dignified Senior class, with twenty-seven members, saluted Tyner High with enthusiasm. During the summer Mae Ford and Wilma Barthel left us. To our enrollment we welcomed other classmates Marcell Dill and Margaret Roush.

Chester Klingerman was again elected president, Mavis Reid vice-president, Winnifred York secretary and treasurer. Mr. Gantz was chosen as class sponsor.

A short time after we had returned to Tyner as Seniors we lost another member - Jennie Deavers.

In October, we went to Bremen to a roller-skating party. Several of the class vowed to learn, in privacy, to roller-skate before venturing before the public again.

We again proved our talent in play acting, in November by producing our Senior play, "Lena Rivers". It was another milestone in our high school career.

We were sorry that Joseph Ross deserted our class in this, the last year.

Another skating party and our trip to Chicago were important occasions. We certainly are proud of our basketball stars, Garthet, Klingerman, Follin, and McKesson were four outstanding figures in the "History of Basketball".

During these four years of high school work and fun, we have been forming ideals and dreaming dreams. New opportunities and experiences open before us now and we know that we must, "Row Not Drift" if we are to qualify for these opportunities and gain success. We are the captains of our individual ships now, but we must look to the "Great Captain" for guidance of our ships.

So, we, the Seniors of '37, bid farewell to our school and our teachers and we hope that we may be of valuable service to the world and thus find joy and success.

Winnifred York
Welcome York