This 1908 photograph of Tyner School, which was built in 1902, belongs to Mrs. Carl Wolff of Tyner.
There are 32 pupils in the class to be graduated from Tyner Monday. Next year the present Tyner High
School underclassmen will be doing their studying at the present Walkerton high school. The two student
bodies will be merged into, and known as, the John Glenn junior-senior high school. Construction plans
call for the new Glenn building to be ready in the fall of 1967.

Monday the 64th and final class will be graduated from Tyner. The school has known many students and given them ideas and principles to live by. She has made many friends but most of all she has created priceless memories.
B. W. Ross, Polk Township trustee, organized the first real high school in 1899. Prior to this time high school subjects were gradually introduced by Mrs. Maggie Ross.
In 1900 four students received diplomas for advanced study and in 1901 there were three. At this time high school was just three years of study.
In 1902 the first high school commencement was staged for 13 graduates.
In 1912 Tyner advanced to a four-year program. Records indicate that Bertha Winterrowd may have become the first principal at the time.
The first school building was L-shaped made of brick, and contained three rooms. The new school building was built in 1912.
In 1925 the large assembly, two restrooms, four classrooms and the old gymnasium were added. The junior assembly, the agriculture shop, home economics rooms,
two regular classrooms, a science room, teacher's rest rooms and office facilities were in the 1939 addition.
The year 1955 brought the addition of the current gymnasium, music room, fifth grade classroom and two rest rooms. The old gymnasium was converted to the industrial arts department, larher kitchen and cafeteria. The old cafeteria became the agriculture room.
Sixteen principals have guided Tyner since 1912. They were:
Bertha Winterrowd, 1913-1915
Beatrice Steele, 1917-1918
Charles Miller, 1918, 1919, & 1920
Harry Pulley, 1922
Harry Mathias, 1924
Helen Roberts, 1925.
H.A. Condon, 1926-1927
Thomas R. Rust, 1928-1929
D.H. Shambarger, 1930-1936
Theodore Miller, 1937-1938
J.W. Riley, 1939-1943
Mark R. Brumbaugh, 1844-1947
C.V. York, 1943-1963 ; Hal Muncie, 1964-1965
and Rolla W. Baumgartner, 1966.