Seniors participating in the class play at Tyner High School Thursday and Friday evenings are, standing, left to right: Linda Shank, Darold Hathaway, Shirley Ross, Martha Baughman, Marjorie Stoneburner and Steve Frazier. Seated in front is Jim Jordan. Others seated are, left to right, Gene Reese, Claudia Henderson, Larry Ernsberger, Linda Struble and Norman LaMunion.
The Senior class of Tyner High School will present its' class play entitled "Gabriel Blow Your Horn!" on Thursday and Friday, Oct. 29th and 30th at 8 p.m. The three act hillbilly comedy is under the direction of Mrs. Wray Ricciardi. The production takes place in the mountains of Asheville, N.C. where Janet Smith's aunt Thelma plans to take her to kill her romance with Herb Brown. Herb learns this and arrives first. The plot has been set, but the outcome is utterly unpredictable.

Members of the cast include:
Norman LaMunion - Gabriel Pennington
Linda Shank - Zerusia
Marjorie Stoneburner - Daisy Mae
Linda Struble - Lilly Belle
Shirley Ross - Miss Thelma Smith
Judy Lowry - Eleanor Barnes
Martha Baughman - Mildred Clyde
Jim Jordan - Pete Wright
Steve Frazier - Frank Stephens
Larry Ernsberger - Harold Dillion
Gene Reese - Herbert Brown, Jr.
Darold Hathaway - Herbert Brown, Sr.
Claudia Henderson - Janet Smith

The production staff includes:
Prompters - Regina Dipert & Janet Rough
Tickets - Linda Drews & Joe Ross
Chairmen - Sharon Skiles & Linda Stiles
Publicity - Trudy Ream, Gloria Replogle
& Linda Warren
Stage Hands - Larry Ernsberger & Delmas Stiles
Stage Manager - Frank Erdelyi
Programs - Sandy Thomas
Between Acts - Myra Foster & Norman LaMunion
Wardrobe and Make-up - Janice Rennells &
Mary Ann Pugh