Her obituary alluded to 72 people in her immediate family,
and her real family includes them and thousands more. Hazel had a
zeal for living. I never heard her preaching to others - her
entire life was lived in the daily detail of doing the right thing in
love, letting the results of her decisions speak for themselves.

Mother was her middle name, and she was perfect at it.

Some of us had the joy of being her neighbor and her friend,
and that is a double blessing that has enriched me for years.
Riding my bicycle up the hill to her new home with my
brothers was something we did regularly, so we could
enjoy watching one of the few televisions in town, then
racing home in the dark was as happy as it ever gets.

Stories about Hazel built up over the years and
kept her at the forefront of our thoughts and prayers. Her
intuitiveness, her romantic spirit, her dynamic faith, her
never-ending love for others and her relentless caring made her
name sacred on our lips. We whispered Hazel, Hazel for courage,
early in the morning, in the daily detail of doing the
right thing. Thank you, Hazel, for embracing us into your life.

Written for Dean and Lewis and all of Hazel's family and friends
by William Killian, July 11, 2011, Tucson, Arizona