Tyner Elevator

Rick Weddiing I remember going to the elevator with my father.

Noral Baughman Me too. Went "down below" once where the big electric motors were. Also went to the top once on the "elevator" which, as I recall, was about 30 inches square with a rope and foot brake. You just pulled yourself to the top and released the brake when ready to come down. I suppose I would still be up there if the counter weight had been heavier than I was. :-)

Kirk A. Gaw Tyner was quite a BIG little town way back! Today, too much demolished. Wish people would have stayed and kept it up.

Marjorie Ecker It looks much smaller than I remember

Noral Baughman Doesn't everything? :-)

Jason E. Dipert The church is still stand on Allen Street? My Uncle Melvin lived 3 or 4 houses away from it.

Alan Burkholder Yes, the church is still there, but falling apart.

Kirk A. Gaw If that grain elevator were still there? What happened?

Noral Baughman I think it burned down. I don't think it was being used as the time, but someone with better knowledge might straighten me out on that.

Kirk A. Gaw Noral Baughman sad to see so much lost.