These pictures were posted on Facebook by Joan Fricker.
My Dad's storewas once a Saloon called Lemert's Saloon.
The picture says 1905. The bar mirror was still in the
back storage room until Mom sold it at her sale.
The Teegarden kids spent lots of time on the front porch
when I was a kid. Looks like it was always a gathering place.

As I was searching for a picture, I discovered a "Teegarden"
file. I have several pictures of Teegarden and some of Lapaz
etc. I thought some of you might enjoy seeing them.
This picture is on the south side of the tracks. You can see
the church steeple on the north side of the tracks across from
my Dad's store.

This could be the inside of Dad's store. He had a pot belly stove
in that spot that the farmers would gather around on a cold winter
day (while I pumped their gas) and the back door was in that location.
But, truthfully I am not 100% sure. I have a couple different pictures.

This is the north side of the tracks. My Dad's grocery store is across
from the church. Mom and Dad had the brick building tore down and I was
old enough to remember them doing that. Not sure of the year. The church
and store are still standing.

The train used to drop off the mail at the Teegarden railroad tracks. I
remember that, but the depot was gone. I think they had torn it down or
moved it (not sure what) before we moved there in 1946. I remember Bobbie
Bowers going down there to get the mail after the train went through. Maybe
her hisband or both picked it up. It was in a bag. Any memories of this
out there????

This was the East side south of the Tracks. A grocery store, a wielding
shop (I don't remember the names) were there when I was a kid.

I an not sure where this school was located. I wonder if it was where
the Teegarden School was when we all attended. Wish there was more
information on the picture.

This was the sawmill that we were told was behind our store where Mom
had her garden. I know there were tons of bricks in the garden. Then
behind that was the milk plant. I think I have pictures of that in some
of Mom's pictures. I will look. Teegarden was a very busy town in early
years. Even when I was a kid with the elevator, milk plant, Dad's store
and then south of the tracks, were the Burks wielding shop, grocery
store, Freeds gas station, Cow Bates garage, the school. Farmers came to
town a lot to the elevator and milk plant.

teegarden9 teegarden9a Here is an article on the closing of the school. It was a sad day. At one time it housed all grades including high school. It seems like I remember being told there was a fire and the top 2 floors were destroyed. When we attended it was only one floor and a basement. Does anyone know any details?

The Teegarden Elevator fire was such a tragedy for Teegarden. It really changed the dynamics as the farmers had no need to come to town. It was such a sad day. How many of you remember it?

After my Dad died, Mom turned the grocery store into her quilting
shop where she taught quilting classes. Unfortunately, I never
learned to quilt, but many did and still enjoy their craft today.

Several years ago, John Brandich worked for the Starke County
newspaper. He wrote a great article on Teegarden that I would like
to share with you. He sent the article to Mom, so that is why I have
it. Many memories!! You might have to save it and then open it
from there to be able to read it. I am not sure. Great job, John!!!!