Sunday evening church goers fight...(the paper has a hole here)... Sunday night about nine o'clock fire was discovered in the rear of Thomas Thompson's store building at Tyner. The building was occupied by Joseph Reed's meat market. When discovered the fire had gained such headway that there was no possible way of saving it. The building was a two story structure, thoroughly dry, and it crackled and burned like kindling.

Church had just been dismissed when the alarm sounded and the church goers hurried to the rescue. The bucket brigade which was hastily formed, left the burning building to its fate, and devoted its energy to saving surrounding buildings.

The store of Frank C. Bennett & Son, was about ten feet to the south of the burning building, but it is built of cement blocks with a rubberoid roof. The wind was favorable, blowing the fire away from this building, and the energetic work of the fire fighters saved all of this building except part of the cornice on the north side. Most of the goods were carried to the street, and one of the plate glass windows was cracked, but the goods were not damaged by fire.

For a time it seemed that the Moore store to the northwest of the fire would be destroyed, as sparks and fire brands were showered upon it. The barn at the rear of the store caught fire, but was extinguished. The Lake Erie & Western depot, and Moore's coal house were damaged, but wherever fire started a laddie was there with a bucket of water to extinguish it.

The Thompson building was fairly well covered by insurance, as was the meat market also. The loss will be approximately one thousand dollars.