A poem by Wanda Braner
written for the 150 year celebration.

One hundred fifty years ago,
Began our Church's organization.
Later built on the present site,
As a United Brethren Congregation.

With the Evangelical they merged
In nineteen forty-six.
Again in nineteen sixty-nine
With the Methodists they chose to mix.

Sunday mornings when the church bell rang
The countryside all knew,
It was calling you to Church
Also to Sunday School.

Sometimes the church bell rang
For the people it would warn,
In case of fire or trouble
It served as an alarm.

The Sunday sermon was sometimes long,
That was a custom, then
Someone might invite the Minister
To their home for dinner with them.

The old clock on the wall
Ticks out the time of day
Remembering all the people,
As they entered there to pray.

Several ministers served here,
You may remember some,
Kreig, Snyder, Miller, Love, and Brock
Luke, Clark, Adams, and Long.

Kline, Pence, Myers, and Wilson,
O'Reilly, Feighner, Miner, and Tillman,
Smith, Reichart, Hill, and Glick,
Erny, Hollingsworth, Eiler, and Krick.

There was McClure, Davis, and Overmyer,
Casterline, Kramer, and King were here,
From New Zealand the Watsons came,
But returned to their homeland again.

The Prices were here for a time,
Orchids, violets, and antiques
Were just a sideline.

A new parsonage was built,
For one was much in need.
The committee was thanked for their work,
It took much patience indeed.

We welcomed the Mike Heaths,
John Wagner was the next in line,
Leona Tichenor was here awhile,
Further education on her mind.

David Overmyer and his family were next,
They were as busy as bees.
Rose Woodke was next to come,
She now resides in our community.

Taylor Burton Edwards also here,
His sermons and visiting were fine.
Now the Inskeeps are here,
To keep us all in line.

Our Church history is long,
With this step has come fruition,
Looking forward to the time
There would be this consecration.

Now a milestone has been reached,
We're very thankful today.
We know it took days and hours of work,
With GOD'S help all the way.

Ministers come and ministers go,
GOD'S message they bring the same,
Love one another, do good unto all,
That's how you play the game.