thestaff     Editors                                        Carol Stoneburner
                                                             Goldie Johnson

     Sports                                                      Tom Keller

     Art                                                    Charles Jansen
                                                                    Mary Rough

     Humor                                                Joy LaMunion
                                                              Mary Ann Freed

     Distribution Managers                      Waneta Haag
                                                                 Esther Pontius

     Mimeograph Operators                            Ned Haag
                                                                       Arthur Birk
                                                                       Betty Giest
                                                                  Richard Balke

     Typists                              Advanced Typing Class

     Faculty Sponsor                            Mary E. Hission

     Reporters          Senior                   Marlene Bottorff
                                  Junior              Marilyn Thompson
                         Sophomore                          Joe Bottorff
                            Freshman                        Patty Killian
                     Eighth Grade                    Ann Jacobson
                  Seventh Grade                 Woody Cochran
                             Sunshine             Shirley LaMunion
                                     Hi-Y                   Guilford Snyder
             Band and Chorus                Shirley LaMunion


March 3rd                              Hi-Y trip to Chicago

                 8th                          Christians Farm Institute
                                                      Chorus sings in the                                                        afternoon

                10th                                       Senior Bake Sale
                                                       Basketball players go
                                                      to semifinals at Lafayette

   23rd                                Good Friday

               31st                               District Band Contest
* * *

ON February 16th, the Sunshine girls gave the Hi-Y boys a Valentine party in the gym. The gym was decorated with streamers of red and white crepe paper.

The party began about 7:30 p.m. with about forty-eight present. Several games were played such as electricity, a racer game, also one in which teams were chosen. After the games several Sunshine girls gave a short program. The group then sang several songs and saw the movie "Keep 'em Flying" with Laurel and Hardy; and "Crisis In Korea," a comic "Cow,Cow Boogie."

Refreshments of cake, jello, hot dogs, and opo were served. After the refreshments the group was dismissed

The Sunshine girls hope the Hi-Y boys had a nice time.

The Sunshine girls are very sorry Mrs. Reid is ill and hope she will be bavk with us soon.

They plan to send her a dozen yellow roses.


This week the library has been closed. All the books have been mended. Now the books are being checked with the shelf list. A number of books, both fiction and non-fiction, are ready for circulation,.

The Librarians have worked long and diligently and are proud of their work. The library will open again Monday.