We, the members of the 1964 Senior class of Tyner High School, County of Marshall, State of Indiana, being of sound mind and memory and having reached an age where we are soon to pass on to higher realms, do hereby make and declare this to be the last will and testament of the class.

Mike Matz and Larry Barden will their ability to get along with Walkerton girls to Leland Zumbaugh, Hal Paterson, and Norm Ross.

Ann Lynn Baughman wills her 3-years of varsity cheerleading to Lorraine Mullet. Work hard Lorraine; maybe you can achieve this goal.

Harold Bell leaves his ability in track to next year's team.

Dennis Burch wills his ability to get along with his teachers to Allen Capes. Try hard anyhow, Allen.

Alan Burkholder bequeaths his ability to get along with Freshman girls to Lyle Miller. Lyle already has a start at this!

Carl Carlson wills his car to anyone who can keep up with it.

Mary Jo bequeaths her night life to Janet Wolff.

Dewey cowen wills his ability to stay out of trouble to Dorian Back.

Emma Creech leaves her quietness in assembles to Wayne Smith.

Tom Erdelyi leaves his ability as a mechanical genius to Joe(his brother). Frank E.

wonders if it will help.

Arlene Holm leaves her ability to knit mohair sweaters to Judy Gongwer. It takes nimble fingers Judy!

Nenneth Howell and Gary Klinedinst leave their longstanding togetherness to Linda Drews and Gary Clark.

Lorretta Kling leaves her poaition as salutatorian to Shirley Ross.

Rossetta Harrell bequeaths a tiny bit of her happiness in married life to the future brides of T.H.S.

Tom Leininger bequeaths his height to next year's basketball team in hopes that they will be at least 6'2". Tom also says he's looking for someone to take his old '47 Ford off his hands.

Pat Long bequeaths her hair piece to any girl who is willing to take care of it.

Holger Moeller bequeaths his favorite coined expression to Gene Reese. When we asked him what he thought about it, his only reply was "this is true".

Joan Morris wills her position as Valedictorian to Phil Jacobson. Don't get a big head "Jake" you still have a full year yet.

Rodger Philbrook bequeaths his mannerisms to Fred Miller.

Vern ross leaves his winning smile to anyone who knows how to copy it.