The Junior Class is planning a bake sale at the Plymouth Floor Covering Shop on Saturday, May 5th, at 8:00 A.M.

We plan to sell pies, cakes, cup cakes, cookies, candy, bake beans, rolls, sweet rolls, bread, noodles, eggs, chickens, and miscellaneous baked foods.

Committees are as follows. Sellers:    Mary Ann Freed,   Kay Jacobson,   Marilyn Thompson,    Nancy Haag,   JoAnn Stoneburner.       Pick up committee:   Roland Lichtenbarger,    Dick Stoneburner,   Larry Calvert.

Turn your donations to Ann Martin. All donations will be appreciated. Thank you very much.


The Tyner school boys who participated in athletics during the school year will be honored at a pot luck supper May 5th, at 7 p.m., in the Tyner gym. The basketball banquet which is held annually is sponsored by the P.T.A.  John Brennan, assistant coach at Notre Dame, will be the guest speaker.  The school band will play.

Leo Crabbs, coach, will present awards to the following boys:  
  Louis Sarber,    William Smith,    John Smith,     Eugene Pearish,    Carl Steinke,    Kenneth Allen,    George killian,    David Cunningham,     Dana Knoerr,    Bob Pontius,    Dalen Shank,     and Dennis Hornsby.

Awards will also be given to the cheerleaders:    
Rose Marie Jones,    Joy Drake,    and Shirley Baughman.
* * *

The Junior and Senior prom was held Saturday evening April 28th, at the Plymouth Conservation Club House in honor of the Seniors.

The dinning room was cleverly decorated to represent the famous "Stork Club" in New York. The tables were beautiful with white "Stork Club" programs and napkins, yellow jonquils, storks and pastel nut cups and favors.

The menu consisted of ham, scalloped potatoes, green beans, beets, rolls, fruit cocktails, cherry pie, ice cream, salad, and coffee or milk.

After the dinner, Roland Lichtenbarger, president of the Junior Class, welcomed the guests. Claire Inman, president of the Senior Class, gave the response. Mr. York, Mr. Schafer, and Mr. Jacobson gave very interesting and inspiring speeches.

A large attractive red and white canopy, that extended from the door to the sidewalk, completed the decorations. A large floodlight shone on the entrance, giving the Club House an air of sophistication in keeping with the theme of the entire evening. Louis Sarber, dressed in a tuxedo with high hat, served as the doorman.

The upstairs was decorated with twisted crepe paper and balloons hanging from the ceiling. A lovely white and gold throne was made for the coronation of the prom king and queen. After the grand march upstairs, Mr. York crowned the king and queen. Ronnie Grenert was king, and Marilyn Thompson was queen. Everyone had a nice time.