In Science we are learning about what plants need to grow and we are trying to grow some. We have found out they need much water.

We are looking forward to a cookie party soon as only two spelling words were missed the last time we wrote in our booklets.

Happy Birthday and good treats from Theda Kay Bell, Jerry Moore and  Patty Ross were enjoyed by us during the last four weks. We also sang "Happy Birthday" to Deborah Miller.

Tuesday the fourth grade had spent a wonderful day in Plymouth. The places visited were the Pilot Office, County Jail, Coca-Cola Bottling Co., and Hawthorne-Melody Creamery. At noon lunch and play were enjoyed at the park. Our room-mothers and Mr. D. Burch were very nice to help make the trip enjoyable.

We are happy our Achievement Tests are finished and are now working toward the finish of our text books.

Perfect spellers for our weekly tests this period are David E.,  Cindy F.,   Mike H.,  Ronald J., Tom K.,  Kathy R.,  Nikki S.,  and   Richard S.

We want to thank our room-mothers, Mrs. Paul Haag,  Mrs. J. Biggins and  Mrs. R. Ruff, for the many lovely things they di for us thi year.


A Happy birthdday in May to Bruce Saxton and Chucky Ross.

We are finding out many interesting things about birds in our Science class. Several people are bringing in live specimens of other animal life. The outdoor world interests us after our long cold winter.

Our class is working hard to complete our books. Many people can write very well these days.

Kathy Stoneburner,  Sue Moore,  Christy Klinedinst,  Richard Reese,   and  Tim Kazanecki have each read over 100 books this school year, a very fine record.


Monday we took our class trip to South Bend. First we went to a Fire Station, then to the Wheel Horse Factory. After our tour of the factory they treated us to ice cream,  milk,   and cupcakes. We ate our sack lunches at the park. The boys had a game of baseball while the girls took a walk around the park.

After dinner we went to the South Bend Tribune Office. They gave each of us a copy of the South Bend Tribune. We all enjoyed it. Thank you, Mr. Boswell, for driving us to South Bend.

The fifth grade enjoyed a wonderful trip to South Bend last Thursday. We visited the
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