GRADES   5-  6-  7
The Honor Roll for the past 6 weeks is as follows:

Grade  5:        Jimmy Simpson

Grade  6:        Evelyn Smith

Grade  7:        Carolyn Johnson,     Karen Garner,    Sharon Roose

We have two new students in grade 6; Carol and Stafford Miller. They came to Teegarden from Mill Creek, Indiana.
Grade 5 has made a map exhibit of South America.

     These balmy spring days remind us that softball season is here. We are looking forward to playing Mr. Robbins' room this spring.

GRADES 3 and 4 The Honor Roll for the third grade was:  Larry Chase  and   Terry Kaser

For the fourth grade:  John Roose.

The students who have been neither tardy nor absent to date are:

Third Grade:  JoAnn Garrett

Fourth grade:  Ronnie Smith,  Dickie Birk,  and  Kay Johnson.

Spelling Honors were won by :

Third grade:  Larry Chase,  and  Dorothy Gardner.

Fourth grade:  Mary Ann Scarborough,  and  John Roose.

We are happy to have our new boy, Gene Miller. He came to us from Mill Creek, Indiana.

* * *

The grades with the most stars in spelling include:  Ruth Roose,  Sandra Rough,   and  Joella Gongwer.

Those in our room who have been neither tardy nor absent are:  Barbara Roush,   Sandra Rough,  and  Kirk Mathewson.

Larry Simpson has blistered arms from sunburn and Eileen Brandich was bit by her dog Saturday.


contest. The highest grades at the end of the four tests get a prize.

In history, we are having a review of the things we have learned to get ready for the final exam.

Goodbye until fall comes rolling along.


The Tyner Redmen, opened the 1951 baseball season with a lose to the West High nine. It was a two-two tie at the end of the seventh inning. Then West scored on an error of Al Wojick's pop fly to right field. Kreps was the starting pitcher for Tyner, but was relieved by Louie Sarber in the fourth inning to finish the game. Wojick went all the way for West. C. Jones and W. Smith, scored Tyner's only two runs in the game. M. Jones, E. Smith, and L. Calvert got the three hits for Tyner.

The Redmen went to Bremen and took another defeat by the score of eleven to four. B. Kreps, and L. Lemert got Tyners only two hits off of Beehler. M, Jones, B. Kreps, L. Calvert, and L. Lemert crossed the plate for Tyner's four runs.